EZRGB is delighted to collaborate with Pixel Pro Displays, bringing you top-notch sequences.

What sets our EZSequence apart from an ordinary sequencing store? Behold our enchanting, patent-pending system! Picture this: your layout files scanned, groups updated, submodels enhanced on props, and the EZ-iest sequence unveiling itself effortlessly. Wave goodbye to the frustration of importing a sequence; instead, bask in the exclusivity of your very own downloadable file.   With our EZSequence, the possibilities are………EZ

Picture this: with just a completed xLights layout and the click of a button, you summon the magic of our sequencing elves. Sit back while they weave their enchanting spell, multiplying the twinkle factor in your sequence. All that’s left for you is to download it, add your purchased audio, and seamlessly integrate our sequence .fseq file into your show player. Whether you use xScheduler or FPP our files will amaze.

Now, recline, unwind, and immerse yourself in the spellbinding spectacle that you didnt have to import!

To access the xLights Around the World sequences, simply click the link located at the top of the page or Click Here

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Put “[I:Primary]” in the description field of the prop or props to sing the lead parts.
Yes, there are some props that will get more effects as EZSequence evolves.
Usually EZSequence gets it right, but some people put non-star items as their tree toppers, or smaller stars. Put “[S:Mega][T:Star]” in the description field of the star on the tree.
In the layout tab, get your display centered, and then right click to set the default viewpoint.